lakeoffire18 (lakeoffire18) wrote in club_vagina,

can a guy nut in you and you not feel it? please pleease help.

okay, so last night i was having sex with this guy, and we didn't use protection. 

after we finished having sex, i asked him "did you get off?" because he was clearly only making a little bit of noise. 
he said "what do you mean by "get off". 

i kinda let it go for a minute or two.

but then i asked him again "did you get off?" he said "yes i did."

usually, when a guy pulls out, he goes into his hand, or on the sheets etc.

i have never been able to feel a guy nut inside of me. (And my ex did nut in me a lot)

i felt a litte bit of warmth, but i'm not sure if it was me like burning or if it was nut.

so, being that i didn't see him pull out and i didn't see any liquid come out of his dick, should i assume he finished in me? 

or did he hold it in? was he lying when he said he got off? or are chances that he went ahead and finished up....

i am so confused, because i did feel a warmth, but i'm unaware of what the warmth was???

someone open my eyes.

thanks for reading.
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