The Vagina Club

More than just an organ.

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The Vagina Club

This is a community that celebrates the vagina and the female body. It's to show women that their bodies are wonderful. It is not a place for men to look at naked women. This is a place for women to unite, therefore, men won't be allowed to be members. All homosexuals, heterosexuals, and bisexuals are welcome.

Some Rules:

1) DoN't tYpE LieK ThiS.


3) Spellcheck is your friend. Butt, as longe ass itss nott thes badd, yur okay.

4) Try nawt 2 right like this either. It's annoying. (U, 2, R, l8r, gr8, etc...)

5) Please use the lj cut tag for super long entries and posts with more than one picture. Instructions are below.

6) Nudity is acceptible ONLY if behind an lj cut tag. There MUST BE A WARNING IN CAPS IN THE SUBJECT. Sole pictures of men may be removed.

7) Icons must be appropriate.

8) No bashing of members, especially pictures.

9) Don't promote a community, there are other places for that.

You will first get a warning and the post will be removed if it's due to 6 or 7. If the rule is broken again, the user will be banned from posting for a month. Third time, kicked.

I reserve the right to remove members and posting privilages.

Owned and Maintained by:

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